[Full Tutorial] How to make a free website on WordPress.

How to make a free website on WordPress

Hello friends in this article I will tell you how to make a free website on WordPress

We all know very well this time WordPress is very e good platform for new user and old user for the build any types of website very easily on WordPress

But the process is a very simple and reliable process to make a powerful website

If you are a student or if you are pregnant so this article very useful or beneficial for you because in this article I will tell you to step by step how to make a website on WordPress.


First of all, I want to tell you if you want to build a new web website then you have to require a domain name and a hosting

What is the domain name?

In simple word domain name is the address of your website

Example:- My website is how to remove  So howtoremove is my web address.

What is hosting?

Hosting is an online server that has to store your data online then you will be required hosting for your website.

How to build a website on WordPress


First of all, you have a domain name if you don’t have any domain name so you can buy from here at cheap price

How to get a free domain.

How to Get a COM Domain Name at Rs. 71 Only

Second, you have a hosting if you don’t have any hosting plan then you will be buying from here at a very cheap price

Best Hosting in Just 30/Months

After buy hosting and domain name, you have to connect to your hosting to your domain

How to connect domain with my hosting


Your domain name has a dashboard

Now you have to go to your dashboard and open your domain name and find the name server option.

And your hosting provider gives you name server

Then you have to update your name servers to your domain name

[Full Tutorial] How to make a free website on WordPress.

After updating this step you have to wait for 5 to 6 hour it depends on your hosting provider.


After some time you get an email from your Domain provider.

Your name server has been successfully updated.

Now you open your c panel and add your website in your c panel

[Full Tutorial] How to make a free website on WordPress.

After Adding Your domain name you have to install WordPress on your domain.

you have to click on applications and click on WordPress

[Full Tutorial] How to make a free website on WordPress.

Click on Install

Fill All Colom,
Select your domain name and install WordPress on your domain.
Now Successfully Install WordPress on your domain name.

How to make a free website on WordPress

Now you log in your WordPress admin panel

How to access the WordPress admin panel?



After filling this information you have to log in your WordPress account

Now you will see this type of interphase

Here are many options







In this post options to see all posts if you write a new article or a new post on your website then you will be click on add new.

You make many categories according to your post according to your websites


if you will be uploaded any photos or any pictures on your website then you will see here all pictures of your website.


You will make many types of pages like

about your website






On your articles any people’s commented on your post then you will be seen here


If you add some new features on your website like any advance features on your website then you many types of applications you will be used in your website


You will be many users of your website.


Here is

general setting

writing setting

reading setting

discussion media

and many types of sight Settings you want to change then you click on settings

After following these simple steps you can make your own websites in very less time and after getting more information about your website

And after learning basic concept then you will be e learn search engine optimization and rank your website in Google

Then you will be earning too much money from your website

If you have any questions related to the website and it to the birthplace then you will be the comment

And if you have any question for any suggestions to how to remove then you will suggest me in contact Box

Thank you so much for reading this article

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